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This Wikia will guide you through the retro-experience of the action-platformer Environmental Station Alpha. The metroidvania game was released in April 2015 by Hempuli.

It is available on Steam and on Humblebundle for €/$ 7.99. The official website is here.

In ESA, you play as a research robot sent to explore an abandoned space station to find out what happened there. On your exploration, you will fight bosses, solve puzzles and explore a huge station with various hidden areas and secrets to find. In order to discover what happened, you must slowly and carefully explore the former environmental station, that has drastically collapsed and changed due to abandonment.

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This wikia page has less information on it than Oymon's full guide on steam. Go here for his guide.

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Thank you for visiting our wiki! As it is very young, we need many people who are willing to work on it. If you have questions, the steam thread will be waiting for you.

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